2017 Cambridge Main Street Farmers Market Application

Cambridge Main Street Farmer’s Market

Downtown Cambridge on 740 Turner Avenue (Behind Dominos)
Fridays, May 5th– Sept 29th (weather permitting)
Thank you for your interest in the Cambridge Main Street Farmers Market. Please send completed application and appropriate fees to:
Cambridge Main Street
627 Wheeling Avenue, Ste 207
Cambridge, OH 43725

Mission Statement
To provide memorable experiences that will attract people to our Community
Homegrown, Handmade, Homebaked

Market Day

1) Vendors shall sell only agricultural, horticultural, food items or craft items that are homegrown, homemade or homebaked. NO ‘auction’ produce. NO YARDSALE ITEMS.
2) Vendors must supply their own tents, tables, chairs and labor. Cambridge Main Street cannot be responsible for carrying produce items to and from your vehicle.
3) Vendors will park in designated area(s). There is NO vendor parking within the confines of the market. If you have special needs, please discuss them with the market manager prior to setting up. PLEASE move your vehicle as quickly as possible so other vendors may unload.
4) Benches, if available, are for customer use only.
5) No pets are premitted at vendor areas.
6) No smoking at vendor locations
7) Vendors must remove all unsold items and clean vendor area before leaving the market Failure to clean up may result in a $10 fine
8) Vendors will remain at the market until 1:00 pm or until sold out. We advertise in newspaper, social media, on the radio, and in regional magazines and on local TV 2; shoppers expect you to be there.

Space Assignment

9) Space assigments will be determined by the Cambridge Main Street (CMS) Farmers’ Market Committee. Space requests will be made on a first come, first serve basis based on the receipt of completed vendor application and payment. Full time vendors will be given a permenent designated space.
10) Weekly vendors will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis by Cambridge Main Street.
Please contact the Cambridge Main Street office at 740-439-2238 no later than Tuesday at 5pm, of the week you plan to attend. If you just show up on Friday morning you run the risk of not having a space.
11) Full time vendors that miss two consecutive market days without notifying the Market Manager or CMS are subject to having their permanent spot reassigned.

Fee Structure

12) Any vendor can pay an annual non-refundable fee per space or a weekly non-refundable fee. Weekly fees do not apply to annual fees. Annual fee is due by May 12th. Annual fee is $125.00 for one 12 foot space to accommodate a 10 x 10 tent. Additional space is negotiable. Weekly fee is $10.00 per week. If annual payment is not received by May 12th vendor will revert to the $10 per week fee structure unless prior arrangements have been made with Cambridge Main Street.

Produce Vendors

13) Produce that is not in season locally can be purchased for resale but must be labeled as such. There is to be absolutely no auction house produce. Vendors purchasing U-PICK produce are allocated 25% of their total produce amount-not their total displayed merchandise for sale. U-PICK must be labeled as such. Other vendors will know the difference. Please report any infractions to Cambridge Main Street.
14) Radical price cutting of top quality produce is prohibited. Violation will result in removal of product and written warning. Poor quality or overripe produce must be labeled as such and can be sold at a discounted price. If in dispute, decisions by the Market Manager or CMS are final.


15) Vendors must have their prices displayed along with the member’s name, business name (if
applicable), address and phone number. All required licenses muct be available for inspection.
16) Vendors may not sell as a franchise or use any franchise trademarks, logos, etc at the
market. No flea market items, weapons of any type or other questionable items are
17) It is the responsibility of each vendor to comply with all Federal, State and County regulations pertaining to their products. Each vendor is responsible for their own products’ safety.
18) Violations of any market regulation will be dealt with by Cambridge Main Street in the following manner:

  • 1st Violation-Verbal warning
  • 2nd Violation-Written warning
  • 3rd Violation-Suspension and/or expulsion-NO REFUND OF FEES

Vendor will forfeit their space upon expulsion. An expelled vendor may be reinstated the following market year at the discretion of the CMS..
19) These rules are subject to change at any regular or specially convened meeting of CMS.
20) Every vendor group is responsible to comply with the rules of the Cambridge Main Street Farmers Market (CMSFM). If one member, partner of employee is not in compliance with CMSFM rules, the entire farm, group or company is not in compliance.
21) No signs or posting of any kind (including political) will be permitted on county property. This includes the grass, fencing around monuments and the monuments.
22) The vendor listing shall not be shared with any outside entity.
23) Fundraising groups will be permitted at the discretion of Cambridge Main Street no more than twice per month per organization.
24) Cambridge Main Street offers the CMS Farmers’ Market as a service to our community and an opportunity for local producers to market their produce. We believe this market is an asset to the community; we do not profit from sales. Please be kind to one another and the volunteers who make this event happen.

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Questions: Donna Hill Executive Director Cambridge Main Street
740-439-2238 director@downtowncambridge.com

By signing this agreement, I/we hereby agree to fully indemnify and save and hold harmless Cambridge Main Street, the CMS Board of Directors, Officers, membership and sponsorship from any liability, including bodily injury or property damage that might occur from my/our participation in any activity sponsored by Cambridge Main Street or its affiliates and partners without respect to location. This agreement extends to any product or good I/we might bring to an event sponsored by Cambridge Main Street whether or not such product is for sale to the public. This form must be completed, signed, and submitted to the Market Manager prior to setting up at the farmers market.